Marine Life

Killer Whale - Killer Whale - The majestic 100 metre cliffs of Sumburgh Head offer a fantastic, unobstructed elevation to look out for a range of marine life on calmer days.

Minke Whales, Harbour Porpoises and White-beaked Dolphins are among the more regular visitors to these waters, however lucky visitors may also have a chance to spot Humpback Whales or Risso's Dolphins. In recent years these species have become more regular visitors.

Risso's Dolphins (by Jon Dunn Risso's Dolphins (by Jon Dunn It has been said that Sumburgh Head is the best place in the UK to spot Killer Whales from land, as they regularly hunt Common and Atlantic Grey seals. Visitors hoping to see these magnificent creatures will need considerable patience, and they are best looked for when the sea is calm. June is often the best time to see them.

Common and Grey seals breed around Sumburgh Head and can often be seen hauled out on the rocks at the base of the cliffs.

Common Seal Common Seal The Marine Life Centre tells the story of some of the magnificent marine life that exists around Sumburgh Head.