Download our children's activity sheets before your visit to Sumburgh Head and use the interpretive panels to complete activities relating to the themes of the area.  This page will be updated with more activities in the future, so remember to check back and download a new activity for each visit!  The sheets will also be available to pick up in the Gift Shop during opening hours.

In addition to the activity sheets, there are other things you can do while visiting Sumburgh Head, or even after you get home.  Write a poem about the landscape, or some of the wildlife around the area; draw a picture of the lighthouse, or write a story about what you think it would have been like to live there as a Lighthouse Keeper.

Write a Haiku about spotting a whale! Write a Haiku about spotting a whale!


Wordsearch - Find the Birds (English Edition)

Wordsearch - Find the Birds (Shetland Dialect Edition)

Sumburgh Head Brass Rubbing Trail

Sumburgh Head Trivia Trail

(Sumburgh Head Trivia Trail - ANSWER SHEET)