There is lots to do at Sumburgh Head for all the family, we even have activities for you to do from home.  Now more than ever we need you support. If you enjoy our site and our activities then please support us by recommending us to your friends - and if you can - by making a donation.

 * * * Things To Do At Home * * *

Here you can find the links to download Sumburgh Head activity sheets for kids and families.

Viking Longship

Make your our Viking Longship - choose the colours and name your ship.

Download your Viking Longship activity sheet (pdf).

Seabird Mobile

Make our beautiful seabird mobile including puffins, guillemots and razorbills.



Learn about our foghorn which is still in full working order

Sumburgh head and WWII

Learn about the incredible role that Sumburgh Head radar station played in saving the British Fleet.


Try your hand at our wordsearch all about birds at Sumburgh Head, we have one using the English bird names and one using the Shetland names for these wonderful birds.

Trivia Trail - Download before you go

Download our trivia and brass rubbings trail before you visit and complete it when you visit the site.

* * * Things To Do when you visit* * *

Walk up the hillto the lighthouse and check out the information boards and the birds as you go.  At the top, join us in the visitor centre to find out more about the site, the birds that have been spotted and buy a ticket to tour the site including:

  • Pick up your kids activity sheets to help guide them through the site.
  • Book a highlights tour.
  • Start in the engine room, still in full working order it powers the foghorn which we blast occassionally during the season.  Learn more about the lighthouse, lightkeepers and foghorn and press the buttons to sound the display horn and flash the light.
  • Visit the Smiddy and learn all about the life of a keeper.
  • Explore the Marine Life Centre and marvel at life above and below the waves.
  • Visit the Radar Hut and discover the incredible story of Sumburgh Head during WWII.
  • Explore the outside areas and information boards to learn about the archaeology, geology, wildlife and more.
  • Climb to the top of the foghorn and learn how it works.
  • See how many birds you can spot from our viewing platfoms and decks.

Now more than ever we need you support. If you enjoy our site and our activites then please support us by recomending us to your friends - and if you can - by making a donation.