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Sumburgh Head is an imposing and prominent spur of rock at the southernmost point of mainland Shetland, where the Atlantic meets the North Sea.

It is the first view of mainland Shetland for anyone arriving by ferry and is an impressive sight.

Shetland’s capital town, Lerwick is 26 miles north of Sumburgh Head, and the island's main airport is approximately one mile away.

The Shetland Islands are located 600 miles north of London. There are over 100 islands within the vibrant archipelago, 15 of which are inhabited.

Directions from Northlink Ferry Terminal, Lerwick.

Please follow this link for google maps directions from Northlink ferry Terminal to Sumburgh Head Lighthouse.

Directions from Sumburgh Airport, Sumburgh.

Please follow these directions from Sumburgh Airport to Sumburgh Head Lighthouse