We are now closed until Spring 2021

Published: 01 January, 1970

We are now closed for the season and would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for their support. We genuinely enjoy meeting you all and welcoming you to Sumburgh Head. Along with welcoming you to our indoor exhibitions, we've shared some incredible wildlife experiences including many people's first Puffin encounters! We've seen Puffin chicks, or Pufflings, brave their first glimpse at the world beyond their burrows and watched with bated breath as Guillemot chicks or Jumplings fledged their rocky ledges, plopping into the unknown waters below. 

We've also seen a variety of cetacean sightings, including Minke Whale, Orca, White-sided Dolphins and Harbour Porpoises and our Sumburgh Sightings Board reached 60 bird species in just four weeks! 

We will continue to share highlights of our short 2020 season on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

In the meantime, keep safe and we'll see you again soon.