Textile Artist Arrives

Carla Meijsen is a well known Dutch author of two books on contemporary knitting design from traditional sources and has arrived at Sumburgh Head for a residency during August.  Carla will use her time at Sumburgh Head to continue research of traditional knitting techniques which she develops to contemporary styles.

Carla studied to become a teacher of textile art. In 2008 and 2011 respectively, she completed the first two levels of The Knitting Guild of America’s Master Knitter certification. She is owner of the company The Dutch Knitters. Under this banner, Carla runs workshops and classes for advanced knitters in the Netherlands, and internationally. She also writes articles on knitting traditions and techniques as well as designing knitting patterns.

During her residency, Carla will deliver a workshop for local knitters on 'Magic Motifs' - a magical way to design your own personal knitting motifs, based on mathematical principles. The motifs are perfectly symmetrical and geometrical and can be used for all kind of purposes, like Fair Isle knitting.

Details will be added to the events section of the Sumburgh Head website and the Facebook page soon.