Sumburgh Head Lighthouse Tower opens for tours

Shetland Amenity Trust is very pleased to announce that from Saturday 8th August, the Lighthouse Tower at Sumburgh Head will be open for public tours between Friday and Sunday until the end of September.

This is a key milestone in the restoration of this historically significant site.

A short ceremony will be held on Friday 7th August to mark the occasion and invited guests, including ex-Lighthouse Keepers who were based at Sumburgh Head, will be among the first to take the new tour.

Access to the fully functioning Lighthouse Tower has been made possible with the agreement and assistance of the Northern Lighthouse Board; which has carried out alterations within the Light Room to ensure the safety of the Light, and visitors.

As space inside the Tower is limited and strict guidelines on access must be in place, visitors who wish to take the tour are required to book tickets at the Sumburgh Head Lighthouse Visitor Centre Gift Shop. Tickets can be booked on site, or in advance by calling tel: 01950 461966. Specific timeslots will be available between 12.00 p.m. and 3.20 p.m. on opening days. Full details are also included on the website at

There are 52 steps inside the Tower leading up to the area underneath the light room, from where visitors will be able to access the outside walkway to take photographs and admire the view.