Solar Eclipse Viewing

On Friday 20th March, there will be a dramatic total solar eclipse which occurs when the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth and casts the darkest part of its shadow (the umbra) on Earth. The darkest point of the eclipse is almost as dark as night on some parts of the planet. In Shetland the eclipse will be approximately 97% and will be the darkest place in the UK.

Sumburgh Head will be a fanstastic place to view this, as the south end of the site gives unobstructed views out to sea.  PLEASE NOTE - you must never look directly at the sun, eclipsed or otherwise, without protective eyewear.


8.15am - Visitor Centre opens, including the Gift Shop where special glasses will be available to safely look at the eclipse

8.39am - Eclipse process begins - this wil take around an hour to cover 97% of the sun from our position

During this time, local and visiting astronomy enthusiasts will be on hand to give advice on how to safely view this event. 

7.30pm - Dr. Giles Hammond (Institute for Gravitational Research, Physics and Astronomy, SUPA University of Glasgow) will give a talk about the eclipse and the International Year of Light 2015 at Shetland Museum and Archives in Lerwick.  This event is free to attend, and no booking is required.

This partnership event brings together Geopark Shetland, University of Glasgow School of Physics and Astronomy, the Shetland Astronomical Society and the Institute of Physics as a celebration of the UNESCO Year of Light. The Scottish Funding Council has provided funding to some of these organisations for a programme of activities in Scotland during the International Year of Light.  See full details on our press release.