Shona Main - May Artist in Residence

Shona Main is a writer and film maker, who recently produced her first film 'Clavel'. She is based in Fair Isle, which can be seen from Sumburgh Head on a clear day and proclaims that the kind of writing she likes "teeters between the real and the unreal, the mundane and the magical."

She will be living in the Occasional Keepers Cottage at Sumburgh Head during May while she undertakes her residency.

While at Sumburgh Head, Shona will be researching and filming a biography about Jenny Gilbertson, as she explains: "She (Jenny) was a real inspiration to me when I filmed Clavel and I have been thinking about doing something that honours her life for some time. Then I realised it was 25 years this year since she died and I thought I should do it now. Jenny has never really been given her rightful place in the history of documentary nor has her work as known as it should be. So I am going to write the book and make a documentary about her life and her films."

Shona will run a workshop later in the month - details will be posted on the Sumburgh Head website and Facebook page.