Sandra Hammer - March Residency

Rain Squall, by Sandra Hammer Rain Squall, by Sandra Hammer The Sumburgh Head Artisi-in-Residence for March will arrive today.

Sandra Hammer is a Northern landscape painter working in both oils and acrylic. She has lived and worked in Yorkshire and Northumberland for many creative years. After an early art education in the 1960's she returned to full time creative work in the 1990's by taking a Visual Studies course followed by a Fine Art Degree from Leeds Met. University.

Her paintings are vibrant and expressive, full of energy and movement. The paint is poured, dripped, brushed and layered creating surfaces to be explored in close up as well as images to be enjoyed from a distance.

Normally, Sandra’s inspiration comes from the upland areas of the Yorkshire Dales, the North Pennines and the softer countryside of the Tyne Valley. Her visit to Shetland will bring a new aspect to her work.

Her work is primarily about energy; energy in the landscape and energy in the painted mark.

Talking about her residency in Shetland, Sandra said “I work by walking the landscape in all weathers recording with sketchbook and collecting found objects. In the studio I aim to produce a body of work which captures my response to this experience and isolates the essence of a sense of place.

“Shetland will be a totally new experience for me and will provide an interesting contrast to my last residency which was working on the Cornish coast.”