morgan downie: poet and visual artist

morgan downiemorgan downie, the Sumburgh Head artist in residence for January, spent his childhood on Orkney, where he was always looking north, but while he has managed his way around the Baltic and Scandinavia, and despite the advice of many good Shetland folk, this will be his first visit to the northern neighbour. His writing and his interest in islands fits well to Shetlands landscapes and culture.

In the interim he has published poetry and short stories widely with his collection stone and sea focusing on island life. He is also a visual artist, working in many media including textile and installation. He is a keen collaborationist and this has seen sound and film work produced as far away as the Berlin film festival.

As part of his stay in Shetland he is keen to meet writers, artists, creative types, nature watchers and all sorts to find out about life in and culture in Shetland as well as having a bit of a blether. He intends two performances during the Up Helly Aa festival, the first of existing work and the second entirely of new work made during his stay.

His first reading will be at 2.00pm on the Tuesday afternoon, followed by a reading of new works with a question and answer session on Wednesday at 1.00pm.