Marine Life Centre

The Lower Marine Life Centre displays The Lower Marine Life Centre displays Located across two floors, visiting the Marine Life Centre will take you into another world as light, sound, movement and visuals create an environment inhabited by a mix of nature from zooplankton to Minke Whales.

Visitors begin their journey on the lower floor where the entrance highlights that light is fundamental to life, to create a food source for marine life, or to protect mariners from the dangerous tides around Sumburgh Head.

Ascend through the kelp forest to the upper floor Ascend through the kelp forest to the upper floor Then enter an immersive underwater ‘cocoon’ to discover the rich and productive marine environment which lies off Sumburgh Head. The themes of water currents, role of plankton and the food web are all explored through interpretation and an interactive touchscreen display.

A stairway and lift transport visitors through a kelp forest, rising from beneath the ocean to the suface upstairs. A study area highlights man's detrimental impact on our environment, and how Shetland has pro-active strategies including Da Voar Redd Up, to protect our fragile environment. An Interactive touchscreen display provides questions and answers on bird life at Sumburgh Head from Dunrossness primary school pupils and Sumburgh RSPB staff.

Meet Busta, the Killer Whale Meet Busta, the Killer Whale The centre will continue to explore the marine environment which supports a diverse group of top predators such as Killer Whales, and visitor's favourites, Puffins. While large screens link to webcams showing features such as Puffin burrows and plenty of interactive opportunities with displays to touch, listen to and see.

An amazing array of photography, graphic panels and sounds bring the marine environment into the building for visitors of all ages to enjoy and explore.



We receive no public funding and rely entirely on the generous support of our visitors to keep the site staffed and maintained, the buildings and collections cared for and to welcome visitors through our doors. Please support us by donating now and recommending our site to your friends. 


Listen to the sounds of bird calls Listen to the sounds of bird calls