Magic Motifs Workshop

Dutch author and knitter, Carla Meijsen will lead a knitting workshop as part of her residency at Sumburgh Head.

During a recent study trip to Latvia, Carla discovered a magical way to design personal knitting motifs, based on mathematical principles. The motifs are perfectly symmetrical and geometrical and can be used for all kind of purposes, like Fair Isle knitting.

In this workshop you will learn the principles of Magical and Vedic Squares, how to produce them yourself and how to use them to compose knitting motives based on dates, numbers, names or words. You will cast on for knitting one of the personal motifs you have created and start knitting it in the Latvian way with a special traditional stitch that will emphasize the motif.

Carla will demonstrate how to knit in seed beads, using a Magical Motif to make Baltic wrist warmers and will give an overview of her books: ‘Estonian Mittens and Wrist Warmers’ and ‘So Warm! – Twined Knitting’, the knitting tradition and knitting techniques of these countries.

Knitting experience needed
Participants should be able to cast on and knit in the round (on sock needles or circular needles) and purl.

Things you need during the workshop
At least two contrasting colours of simple woolen yarn, preferably DK. Please, choose easy to distinguish colours, not too dark and only solid colours.
Knitting needles suitable for the yarn. Sock needles or circular are both okay, as long as you can use them to knit in the round.
Scissors, darning needles, tape measure and some stitch markers might be handy to bring along.
Ruler, eraser, pencil and some simple colouring pencils.

The workshop is free to attend, but spaces are limited so booking is essential.  Book online at

Date and Time: Wedensday 20th July, 1.00pm - 5.00pm

Location: Stevenson Centre, Sumburgh Head