Josephine Gornall - April Artist

Fractured Earth, Josephine Gornall Fractured Earth, Josephine Gornall Josephine Gornall is the Sumburgh Head Artist-in-Residence for April.  A contemporary fibre artist, Josephine is intrigued by the alchemical and sometimes unpredictable nature of the felting process. She enjoys manipulating and transforming fibres, fabrics, silks and other media into a new dimension.

 She states “Exploring its undervalued potential as an art medium and form of expression; I like that it is ecologically sustainable and ultimately will degrade back into the earth.” 

Subliminal marine influences and elements of primal and spiritual history are in part inspirational in creating her felted relief and free flowing sculptural pieces. Sometimes incorporating discarded detritus pertinent to a place or moment in time. She will sometimes embed photographs she has taken, or juxtapose them with organic matter within the layered, textural surface.

 Josephine enjoys working with vibrant, rich life affirming colours and reigniting the memories and feelings that these can evoke.

Public drop in sessions will be held later in the month, when Josephine will display some of the new pieces she will be creating during her time at Sumburgh Head. Although the work will be unfinished, this will give her an opportinity to explain her processes and inspiration for the pieces she is working on.