Getting Around Inside

Once inside the Lighthouse complex there is flat, level paving 1200mm wide, which leads to the main entrance.

Main Entrance and Ticketing Office

  • The main entrance has level access
  • The door is 1050mm wide
  • The main door is wedged open during opening hours
  • Our Ticketing area and Gift Shop are located inside the main entrance
  • The counter is 860 mm high
  • The area is well and evenly lit by ceiling lights
  • Ticket and shop prices are displayed in large print
  • We offer a complimentary ticket policy to carers and welcome assistance dogs
  • If required, assistance can be given through the use of pens and paper

We have four museum displays located in former lighthouse buildings:

Foghorn Engine Room 

  • The first display area is the Foghorn Engine Room accessed through our Ticketing area and Gift Shop, via a metal ramp with slight incline (see photo)
  • The Engine Room is large and well lit, with three green engines and original mosaic tiled flooring
  • The interactives in this room include a simulation foghorn, flashing lighthouse and the sound of the sea. These interactives can be switched off on request
  • Exit the Engine Room by the side door, via a step or wheelchair ramp. The ramp measures 840 mm wide



  • The Smiddy is next door the Foghorn Engine Room. It is on the same level with flat paving slabs outside and a cobbled surface inside the Smiddy.
  • The Smiddy door is 880 mm wide
  • The interactives include the sounds from inside a Blacksmith’s workshop. These can be switched off on request
  • Exit via the same door and continue across the courtyard to the Marine Life Centre

Marine Life Centre

  • The Marine Life Centre is on the same level surface as the Smiddy.
  • There is a green outer door and an inner glass door. The glass door has contrast markings.
  • The Marine Life Centre is over two floors
  • The ground floor has low lighting to contrast the bright display screens. Ground floor lights can be switched on, on request.
  • The ground floor interactives includes underwater sounds. These can be switched off on request – this will also switch off the screen lights
  • There is a staircase and customer lift to first floor displays.
  • Both sides of the stair case have a hand rail.
  • The lift door is 900 mm wide.
  • The lift is 1140 mm wide and 1410 mm deep.
  • The lift says the floor number at each floor and the direction of travel
  • The lift buttons have raised numbers and a raised bell for the alarm.
  • The lift shows the floor number at each floor.
  • To operate the lift, select which floor you wish to travel to and keep this button pressed for the duration of the journey.
  • The lighting in the lift is LED spotlight. There is no music in the lift
  • The flooring in the lift is PVC non-slip material.


  • The first-floor interactives include whale song and seabird calls. These can be switched off on request
  • Exit via the first-floor door; there is an inner glass door with contract markings
  • The outer door leads onto a gently sloping ramp with handrail

  • This takes you to the base of Sumburgh Head Lighthouse, where two interpretive panels with large print detail the construction history of the Lighthouse
  • Archways lead around the other side of the Lighthouse to the WWII Radar Hut. The path slopes up towards the Radar Hut entrance

Radar Hut

  • The Radar Hut is original and part of our Military heritage. It survives with a blast wall and original stepped entrance, which was deliberately narrow (670 mm wide) to protect the people stationed inside.
  • The interior has been restored to recreate an event from 1940. Interactives include wartime music, an interview and the sound of sirens. These can be switched off on request.