Artist O'Connor Arrives

Formations, Ellis O'Connor Formations, Ellis O'Connor Visual artist, Ellis O'Connor will arrive at Sumburgh Head to take up her month long residency on Tuesday 1st November.

Ellis works in photography, drawing, and printmaking. She uses this visual language to challenge assumptions about the natural environment, to reinterpret the grandeur of natural land forms, and to re-present this visual information laden with power.

Ellis travels consistently around the North of Scotland, the Islands, and the Northern Isles and has recently spent a significant period of time in Iceland. Each place she explores is different, the landscape is very much distinctive and separate from every other one and it is there where she finds the direct inspiration and draw for her work.

She said “My drawings are large scale, gestural, and sweeping, in imitation of the landforms themselves. Within these remote and exposed places I go to, there is a feeling of powerful atmosphere and through my work I invite the viewer to feel the powerful presence of the landscape and the textures and marks that we do not necessarily notice.”

Ellis’ prints are layered and tactile, responding not only to the land-forms but the textual rock surfaces as well. As her work has developed, it is the internalised grandeur of the landforms that take precedence. These are slightly abstracted from their original source, and start to signify on a spatial level, in imitation of land contours themselves.

An open studio will be held on Saturday 26th November at 2.00pm in the Stevenson Centre for anyone who would like to go along and see Ellis' work.