Art in July with Margaret Worthington

Margaret Worthington Margaret Worthington Margaret Worthington is the Sumburgh Head Artist-in-residence for July and will arrive on Saturday 11th.

Margaret lives in Calliope, Central Queensland, near the southern edge of the Great Barrier Reef. Her work often tells a story about a trip she has been on to the reef or bush, and these works develop into a series of paintings illustrating that story. Migratory and forest birds often feature in her paintings. She uses watercolours on Arches paper, and her work is bright and whimsical. Margaret is a keen member of Birdlife Capricornia and learns about the birds and ecosystems on the many varied field trips with the group.  She saw a TV documentary on puffins and decided she really needed to meet a puffin.

During her time at Sumburgh Head lighthouse Visitors Centre, Margaret will encounter a totally new environment. She will spend time watching, sketching and learning about the birds and mammals as well as learning all about their habitats.

During the residency, Margaret will hold a workshop leading participants through drawing and watercolour techniques and then each person will work on their own painting.  See full details in our events section.

Her work will also be on display through later July in the Education room.

See her website for more details of her work -