2017 Artists in Residence

January 2017 - Paul and Christine Czainski Paul Czainski Paul Czainski

Paul and Christine work independently and collaboratively across a broad range of art disciplines.  They have high technical expertise in a range of media and have previously exhibited “ Guillemots at Sumburgh Head” at Shetland Museum and Archives

 Paul is particularly interested in working on some Sumburgh bird etchings using the drypoint technique during the residency. Christine will be continuing her research and works linked to Shetland's historical/cultural connections, creating works using detritus.

Paul studied Fine Art at Leeds College of Art and Goldsmiths College, London and is now the most sought after specialist trompe l'oeil artist, muralist, and specialist decorator.  Christine's passion for beach-combing has persisted throughout her life leading on to  more recent assemblages and artworks using bones and found objects. 

February 2017 - Sam Douglas and Baccara Smart

Cormorant, Sam Douglas Cormorant, Sam Douglas

Sam has travelled widely to gather material for paintings, often on foot or bicycle as a way of experiencing the landscape more closely and as a counterpoint to the static nature of his studio practice. While in Shetland, he is particularly keen to paint seascapes direct from the studio view as this was something he started to do on a previous residency and which he would like to develop further. He is also keen to experience stormy weather which he hopes there will be plenty of in February, and the exposed position of Sumburgh Head is ideal for this.

Often using classical landscape motifs as a starting point, I aim to disrupt and transform them through painting processes that push the subject of the painting elsewhere; sanding down and scratching into the painting to create a sense of erosive forces and pouring layers of paint and varnish to build up the surface, evoking sedimentation and silting up of the land.

Baccara has previously been on a number of trips/residencies visiting circuses (India) and Circus museums/archives (the Bolshoi Circus and archive in St. Petersburg). While at Sumburgh, she aims to continue with this interest in fairs and performances and to add to her ongoing series.  She is keen to find imagery of more present day activities and to speak with people regarding these traditions.

Oil on Canvas, Baccara Smart Oil on Canvas, Baccara Smart

Fortune Tellers, Baccara Smart Fortune Tellers, Baccara Smart

March 2017 - Alison Craig

Alison Craig Alison Craig

Alison’s practice as a visual artist is grounded in observational drawing and the experience of the rural environment.

Much of her work has been derived from walks in the countryside near her home in rural North Wales. Drawings made on the spot are developed and manipulated in an attempt to evoke a sense of place: the exhilaration of the changing seasons; mapping the memories of journeys made; a sense of belonging and of time passing. The scale of the work varies according to the experience: from metres-long rolls of paper holding monochrome drawings of remembered walks, to tiny, bright canvases encapsulating a single moment.

Living “on the spot” at Sumburgh Head will allow Alison to immerse herself in the landscape, and experience the environment more fully, extremes of weather and all.

May 2017 - Eeva Simola

Eeva Simola Eeva Simola

Eeva is a Finnish travel writer who first came to Scotland in 1975 and has adopted it as her second home.

During the residency she will be collecting material on Shetland and Orkney for her next writing project on Scotland.

Eeva’s work has previously been displayed at Shetland Museum and Archives when she put together the 'Aland Women at Sea' works as part of the Nordic House exhibition in 2016.

June 2017 - Liz Myhill and Lara Scouller

Broken Wall, Liz Myhill Broken Wall, Liz Myhill Artists Liz Myhill and Lara Scouller were resident at Sumburgh Head in August 2016 where they completed  a body of work in sketchbooks and on location to observe landscape, surroundings and wildlife.  They will return in June 2017 to develop to more resolved work and fine art prints.  For Lara the  Sumburgh Head Lighthouse residency will play an integral part in a wider initiative she is undertaking which will take place over a year and involve practice-based research trips to different Scottish seabird colonies in the Inner and Outer Hebrides, Shetland Islands and the Firth of Forth. Work was recently exhibited at the Kinblethmont Gallery in Arbroath.

Lara Scouller Lara Scouller Liz is also working towards exhibitions in 2017 and made many works on site, both in the sketchbook as a visual diary and larger scale pieces in a variety of media including printmaking, watercolour and mixed media. An integral part of the process  for her is the gathering of natural fibres which will later be used to construct textural printmaking blocks, as will the collating of additional text based information, found objects etc.

The Bird my Brother, Kate Walters The Bird my Brother, Kate Walters July 2017 - Kate Walters

Kate is based in Cornwall but of Scottish ancestry, and is very keen to spend more time in the beautiful unspoilt wildness of Scotland and the Shetland Isles.

Kate’s life as an artist is about becoming a gatherer of the archaic and an explorer of what is hidden. She works with monotype, watercolour, gum Arabic, pencil and oil on gesso-prepared surfaces as her tools to track the subtle marks of certain fugitive phenomena. She finds walking in wild mountainous places feeds her creativity, so will undoubtedly find the cliffs at Sumburgh Head inspiring.

August 2017 - Oddvar Wold

Oddvar Wold Oddvar Wold Oddvar is from Stavanger, on the west coast of Norway. After 4 years at art schools in Norway and Denmark, he worked as a Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Photographer before retiring to become a full time artist in 2004.

From a young age, he has spent time walking in the mountains in western Norway and developing an interest in landscape painting.  Oddvar works only with watercolors, as he feels this medium gives him the most thrilling experiences using wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry on paper.

September 2017 - Hannah Viano

Hannah is an artist, author, and adventurous educator focusing primarily on cut paper artwork depicting landscape, regional scenes and flora/ fauna. She has written several children’s books and works with school children and adults on projects that foster appreciation for the natural world.

Hannah will come to Shetland with the intention of creating a series of images and simple (or complex) story thread relating to the landscape and history surrounding a light house and its neighbours. She will take the images and words that jump out at her along the course of getting to know the people and environment, and once back at home, make a limited edition book with her own hands.

Hannah Viano papercut Hannah Viano papercut

October 2017 - Laura McLeod

Laura McLeod Laura McLeod Laura has spent the past ten years teaching and developing her own practice . She enjoys sharing and discussing creativity with others and works with community groups for people with dementia and memory impairment all over the country.  She feels this is a dream job as she gets to have this connection and dialogue with others, while supporting and encouraging them to express themselves through art.

Laura feels it is important to be close to the sea, feeling that painting it both frustrates and energises her.  She says that painting the sea forces her to respond differently, make quicker decisions, go with her gut.  She would hope to develop this at Sumburgh Head, generating a body of work to share with others.

November 2017 - Brian Cheung

Brian Cheung Brian Cheung Brian will come to Sumburgh following a month’s residency at Bressay lighthouse and intends to carry the momentum of his work there down to Sumburgh.

 During a previous residency in Iceland he began to impulsively document his surroundings. This led to him “obsessively” painting a series of 60 paintings depicting the view of the sea from the studio. He says it was fascinating to observe the constantly changing weather and ever-shortening days moving towards the winter solstice. The series became not just a recording of time, but also of his progress and abilities during the residency.

 For Brian, Scotland feels like a logical next step from the previous residency, with its cultural and geographic ties to Iceland and the Faroes. Staying in such dramatic locations of Sumburgh Head and Bressay will allow him a perfect vantage point to observe and illustrate the constantly changing moods and movements of the sea. This subsequent series of paintings will be another rigorous examination and reflection of his practice; an attempt at grappling with the notion of awareness and completeness.